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[GB] SA Grand Budapest (complete)

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--- Quote from: catweewee on Tue, 25 October 2016, 11:17:49 ---Jchan said they would be redoing the way kits are grouped later today!

--- End quote ---

Ooh really, okay. Need to keep an eye out then, I guess splitting them down a little further will help a lot of people save some money so that's never a bad thing. Less keys going to "waste".


oops. updated kits for 40s/ergodox

Updated Kits/

Will all kits happen? Would join if the ISO kit makes it ...

Just saw this.  Great keycaps for my GF! 

Would be really nice if the numpad was separate, though, as it seems TKL is the most-popular keyboard layout and all what I have.  Including the numpad drives up the price of the modifiers quite a bit. 


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