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[GB] Massdrop x Zambumon GMK Serika Custom Keycap Set

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Massdrop Group Buy!

Available kits


Composed by 146 keycaps, this kit is the starting point for everyone, and provides great coverage for
many boards including Nemo, Uniqey’s C70,  Leopold’s FC660 & FC980, TADA68, 96-key layouts, as
well as winkeyless boards. All of them in both ANSI and ISO layouts. The Core kit already comes
with  2.25U, and 1.75U SHIFT keys. One 7.00U and two 6.00U spacebars (one with a centered
stem and the other one with an off-centered one) have also been included. The set will come with a
custom packaging.


This add-on kit covers 40% keyboard layouts and some 60% such as the GK64, Minorca, Sebright, JD40, and
Planck (both in MIT and GRID layout). 40s comes with many accent keys as well as 1.00U
and 2.00U convex keycaps.


This add-on kit features a minimalistic set of doubleshot modifiers designed by MiTo. It provides enough keycaps
to cover 60% and 65% (including the C70) boards both in ANSI and ISO layouts.


This kit features a set of geometric designs with impossible geometries. The set also includes
a Massdrop and Uniqey keycap.


The Ergodox kit provides a set of blank keycaps that allow you to cover
and Ergodox layout. The kit includes six R2/3 2.00U keycaps.


This kit consists of a set of dark grey spacebars including 1.00U and 2.00U convex keycaps; R4 1.25U,
1.75U, 2.25U and 2.75U keycaps, 6.00U off-center and center stem, plus 6.25U and 7.00U spacebars.

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so the mousepad will not be part of this drop ?


--- Quote from: oumakavoula on Tue, 01 May 2018, 13:49:34 ---so the mousepad will not be part of this drop ?

--- End quote ---

Desk mats should have a different drop page, as they aren't made by the same manufacturer and Novelkeys would be in charge of shipping.

I'm a big fan of the alphanumeric keys being included with the ergodox kit.  :thumb:

I didn't realize that was going to be the case from the description on here. Might want to add that detail for clarity, they did on the MD page.

Skipped pulse in anticipation of this drop :)


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