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Metro Manila
« on: Sat, 12 September 2020, 08:05:12 »
Hey, I recently got into this Mechanical Keyboard thing because my Redragon k55 was acting up, and I decided to try and fix it on my own. The rest is history

Anyway, I wanted to get into the hobby of creating and possibly selling my own 60% keyboard, but I find it quite hard to source materials since most of the manufacturers are based abroad. (I've tried banggood and lazada) Meaning that I have to pay more for shipping and etc. I'm currently a college student and I don't really have enough personal money to buy super expensive things.  I just wanted to know if anyone here knows where I can get the necessary supplies that are Philippines based. (From cases to keycaps)

Thank you and I hope to show all of you my work

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Re: Metro Manila
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 12 September 2020, 08:41:21 »
Hey there!
Don't really know any keycap/case manufacturers. But I just wanted to say hi since I noticed that you're a fellow Filipino newbie. I wish you the best of luck with your endeavor.  :thumb:

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Re: Metro Manila
« Reply #2 on: Sat, 05 June 2021, 04:54:08 »
Hmm, you know that sounds like a great idea actually, however I do not really know anyone and any company that could actually supply you with all the necessary thing for that kind of job in your area. It actually took me a while to find some good suppliers in my city, as most of the local ones actually import some really trash materials that no one would ever want to use. I have found some great suppliers in Singapore, and they are also illustrated on the Singapore's mrt map , which is really surprising.
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