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dyesubed full set for cherry g80 3000series and poker ducky filxo das...etc OEM

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--- Quote from: hellocodes on Sat, 06 April 2013, 09:32:54 ---This happened to me yesterday with my GH60 proto :(

Does Imsto sets have winkeyless stuff? And does shipping really take 2 months?

--- End quote ---

~2 weeks with regular shipping ($10) and ~4-7 days with EMS ($25).



is this information still valid? Your post is almost 1year old...

--- Quote from: imsto on Mon, 30 July 2012, 00:24:10 ---the white/light grey set'd been out of stock for a long time

--- End quote ---

I am talking about this set with dyesubbed blue legends and Cherry profile.

I'd love to order one of these. Would be great if you bring it back!!

Hi Imsto,

Do you have these in stock?

If yes, i'd like to order one set.

Is the white/beige with black dyesub set available now?

Looking at the store,

the closest one is this but with blue font...

I want to buy the one shown here


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