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MY HHKB Lite 2 "live" review

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Well, here goes the typing test on the HHKB Lite 2. While it's really no Pro 2, it isn't really as bad as I thought it would be. Compared tot eh Pro 2, the keycaps feel a bit chinsy and so does the design, but all in all it's an alright 'board to type on. The "a" key is pretty stiff, but the rest seem even in force. I took out my Pro and replaced it with this one and I can type full bore on it right off. All in all, I think I'll like it for at work.

Now, the keystroke registers jsut before bottom, and apparently I make the same typos with this as I do teh Pro 2. I left those in on purpose, and those are my two most common typos on the Pro 2. That's impressive.

Give me a bit to play around with it and I'll post some picks. I am not at all mad I bought it, and I think it will serve it's purpose fine at work. The Pro 2 at home, the Lite 2 at the office, one big happy (enough) HHKB family.

By the way, the arrow keys feel so strange by themselves, and that's doubled by them being on a an HH Keyboard that I still use the Fn key modifiers to move the same as on the Pro 2. The arrow keys are those little half size ones I hate, plus they seem at a different angle than the rest of the keys. Ugly.

I finished my review (so quick so I can go back to my Pro 2) and sent it off to iMav, but he is sleeping, so it might not be up for a bit. Here is a pic for you anyway:

Check my Flickr page for teh rest of the pics

you link has some extra img tags.

I'm glad you're not happy with the HHKB lite 2.  it's nice to confirm that im not crazy.

Waitaminute!! So the HHKB Lite 2 is *bigger* than the HHKB Pro 2?

Wow, I had no idea. For some reason, I'd just assumed that they were identically sized.


--- Quote from: karlito ---you link has some extra img tags.
--- End quote ---

Thanks, I fixed them now. I am no hacker.

--- Quote from: karlito ---I'm glad you're not happy with the HHKB lite 2.  it's nice to confirm that im not crazy.
--- End quote ---

You're not crazy. I'm just going to keep it at work anyway, but it is not the best keyboard I've tried, not even the best of the worst.


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