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Hi there folks. I've been lurking here for a couple of month and now it is time to address you asking for help.

I'm a mechanical keyboard fan. I have two Model Ms (one is at work, the other is a backup), a model M mini that I use at home and a Omnigate that is also kept as a backup (it is good, but not a model M).

I have two questions.

First, I'd like to try the SMK85 to see if I like it. Where should I go to buy one?

Secondly, I'm searching for a GOOD and very quite keyboard for an environment where mechanicals are not allowed. What would you guys recommend?

Thank you in advance?


Hey, welcome to the board. The SMK 85 I rave about is not made anymore, but you may be able to find a vendor with some still in stock. The thing that makes my SMK so good is the black stemed "tactile" Alps sliders it has. The new ones have black linear switches by Cherry. Karl from DS International told me they changed the switches because customers complained about the how loud the switches are.

Now, for a mechanical keyboard suitable for quiet place, the only one I can recommend is the HHKB Pro series. It sucks because they are so expencive, but they are nice, nice keyboards and barely louder than membrane keyboards.

But if you don't want to spend $280, and if you must get a silent membrane keyboard, you may wish to consider the IMB Space Saver II. It has basically the same layout as the old 84-key IBM Model M Space Saver, but it has Windows keys and a TrackPoint to boot. I think *this* would be the perfect keyboard if it had buckling sprihgs (although the Mighty Mouse with buckling springs that Unicomp will bring out next year will come awfully close).

But it's a rubber membrane non-mechanical board, so it has the virtue of silence. And it has many fans who admire its key action. See:

It was discontinued a few years back and is no longer being made. has been selling new ones for $125. New ones on eBay (search for "IBM Space Saver" or "37L0888") have recently been selling for anywhere from $70 to $100.

The only thing about the Mighty Mouse keyboard I ddon't like is how far apart the left control and alt keys are. Tiny concern, and I will probably buy one anyway, even though the buckling springs aren't my favs ...


--- Quote from: mr_sf_applet ---(although the Mighty Mouse with buckling springs that Unicomp will bring out next year will come awfully close).
--- End quote ---

Man, I can NOT wait for that bad boy!!!   :wink:


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