Author Topic: [CLOSED] [GB] B.o.B handcraft metal keycap Lion King for LEOs  (Read 13867 times)

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[CLOSED] [GB] B.o.B handcraft metal keycap Lion King for LEOs
« on: Thu, 02 August 2018, 02:23:32 »



(Born at the end of July, You are LEO,

Born at the begining of August, You are LEO)

I have never known that B.o.B is a guy who likes Astrology. (Smile)

He created a titanium keycap and used the figure of Lion. Moreover, he told Gorge, 'can you guys have it around July and August?'

Why? He seldom has such request. Finally, I just recognised that the duration of July and August is Leo's birthdays.  Does he create the keycap for himself?

The Group Buy will end on the 16th of August (EST time). Since it uses the titanium technique, we will estimatedly ship the keycap in November.

As usual, the group buy has no MOQ and has free shipping service.


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