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[IC] Lunar II - 60% Alps AEK with solenoid | GB launching on the 26th

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GB soon  :cool:

Just now seeing this thread. Delicious, delicious Alps...

Lunar II Pre-GB Info

Forgot to announce the earlier batch of info on this thread, although I'm guessing most saw it through other channels of information.
As a final pre-GB announcement, here are all the details to prepare for the upcoming group buy.

Base kit:
 - 419USD at Switchplate Peripherals (US)
 - 399USD at TypePlus (CN)
Extra PCBs: 39USD each
Extra plates (Alu): 29USD each
Extra solenoid kits: 10USD per pack of 2

- Anodized silver
- Anodized grey
- Powdercoat roughly color-matched to AEK keycap off-white

Launch Time
26th @ 9PM Pacific Time = 27th @ 12PM China Time

Unit Cap
100 per vendor (if that even manages to sell out)

Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything important.
Color renders will be posted shortly.

Always very exciting when an Alps GB goes live. Any chance of a typing video without the solenoid?

Can't wait for the gb. Anyone got any recommendations on where to get blank alps caps?


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