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[IC] Lunar II - 60% Alps AEK with solenoid | GB launching on the 26th

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I don't think there ever were blank AEK keycaps. I guess, one can make them with sandpaper and dedication though.

i luv chuletas:
Man, I had promised myself no more boards after the Nearfield but my own... I had forgotten about this.

Needless to say, my wallet will damn you on the 26th lol.

Been wanting one since the first Lunar.

Am always supporting ai03's designs among some other great designers, regardless of the vendors / partners.

Have been eyeing on one of these for over a few years, but this time I probably can't afford it unless I win a lottery (which I don't actually buy any in reality).

GLWGB and GL for productions!

Fantastic. Selling my B-stock Lunar 65% has been my biggest keeb regret. Happy to correct that mistake with a powder-coated 60% soon.

Niiiice! Alps AND a nice curve? Dope.


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