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[IC] Lunar II - 60% Alps AEK with solenoid | GB launching on the 26th

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My NOS SKCM Browns will go to PC Sinne, SKCL Greens go to green F13 frog and SKCM Blues go here, in grey Lunar II. Not sure where oranges and salmons will go to though.

Is it 100 units total? That would mean it is actually close to hitting the limit. I got in with ano silver. And true this is definitely not the best time to have a gb but it is what it is.

--- Quote from: toniwonkanobi on Thu, 28 July 2022, 07:27:23 ---Beige powdercoat is clearly the most popular choice:

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--- End quote ---

I am sure this board will sell out soon!


Oh crap, looks like i missed the boat by a few days….  :-[


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