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Which country is the most crazy over keeb?

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It seems the Phillipines has a massive community - USA or course - elsewhere?


Of Course!! - Thanks. I had a blind spot over that one. I had japan down for close to the top spot. Phillipines seems mad for it judging by all the FB trading groups.

I don't think any single country stands out as having a particularly crazed community. You'll find enthusiasts on every continent and every country; from Finland to Mauritius (shoutouts Adil).

It seems like every country has its tastes though; if you look at the communities in different countries, you'll notice patterns in what they like. Vietnam always sticks out in my mind; those guys love OG Cherry and historical customs more than most.

If I really had to vote for the most fanatical countries as of right now it'd be SEA or China. They're really damn enthusiastic. If I had to vote for the most fanatical country of all time? Korea, no question. They properly started everything, and we owe everything to them.

Different countries are crazy about different keyboards


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