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I'd like to present


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Who am I?
TL;DR A long time lurker

MoreIt is the first question I would ask before considering a board, so I get it. I'm Nachie from Bay Area, CA. Im /u/inachie on reddit and Nachie#1001 on discord. I found out about mech keys through GeekHack a few years ago. I've been at this for a while, I have had a time where I spent hours building boards only to not like them and move onto something else. I've done one small GB for the paladin64 pcb when I designed in a few years ago. This isn't the first board I designed or got prototyped, this however is the first one I am confident enough to share about. I am one half of KapCave, we make Artisan Keycaps, and now PCBs and if this goes well, then keyboards. So that is me, I learned everything I know so far through this community, and maybe I should stop lurking  ;D
The name stands for a circular arc or bow-shaped bend. Matches the Keycaps that this board supports, so yeah, there's that.

TL;DR My fascination with the AEK60 form factor, GSKT-00 and kkatano's Bakeneko

MoreI signed up on GH to join a group buy for ALPS60 plate. It has always been my favorite 60%. I got an AEK64 and even learned PCB design to make an underglow pcb for it but the integrated plate wasn't for me either. The first case I designed from scratch was the AHKB, a split AEK64 in HHKB layout. But again, integrated plate, and first time designer errors like extra gaps on the side and case being too hollow. So I've been at this for a while, prototyping and learning the craft. I have other design in the works as well but this is the one I feel most confident about going full steam ahead with.

The main inspiration for this case though along with the AEK fascination was the GSKT-00 for understanding o-ring mounts and kkatano's Bakeneko for the single piece construction. This is not a Bekeneko with a modified bottom, it is a board designed from scratch using the same internal design style but applying things I have learned so far on my design journey, also taking into factor the construction differences between ALPS and MX builds.


* Single Piece case
* AEK Curve for use with AEK caps
* Angle: 6 degree
* Weight: Brass, sand blasted
* Material: Aluminum and possibly Polycarbonate
* Mount: O-Ring mount, friction fit
* Uses Universal Daughter Board for USB C
* PCB: Custom MX/ALPS pcb with flex cuts and underglow
* Plate Materials: Aluminum, FR4, Stainless Steel, TBD
* QMK and VIA compatible Not merged yet
Current Plan

* Design
* Initial Prototype
* Interest Check
* Prototype the final weight design in brass
* Another Prototype round with changes from IC?
* Group Buy
Color Options

I'd like to keep this list small. Following are the options, but depending on IC feedback only two or three of these might be offered initially.

* Space Grey
* Silver
* Trying to get samples for one matching an aged AEK II
* Black


Layout Options

Ideally AEK bottom row, with split/non-split backspace and right shift. PCB does support ISO and a few other options, however plates for these will not be offered.
Plate files however will be made available once the GB orders are submitted.

Group Buy

Most likely FCFS capped at a number I can manage to fulfill myself. Or if there is interest, then perhaps an un-capped one through a vendor.
Date: TBD


Prototype shows Mirror finished PVD Brass for weight, this will not be offered. The weight offered will be sandblasted brass.
The text/design on the weight is a placeholder and will not be the same on the final ones.
I really do like the font used for Båge on the weight so most likely will be going forward with that.
I will be doing another weight prototype run for the new ones to show here.


--- If you made it this far, then thank you for checking out my IC. Please do fill out the Interest Check - Form ---

Let's gooo! How come we didn't talk about this the other day! Count me in!!

Down to support a nachie project. I have confidence it'll be good.

looks great! good luck with the project!
any alps love is more than welcome!
... (personally, i think these type of boards should be alps only, but that would severely decrease your numbers, so i get it. i felt the same way about the "modern m0110" & "molly")

any way to do a halfplate? not familiar enough with the GSKT-00 style mounting.... do the bands go around the pcb or the plate?

i remember talking to you at one point somewhere online. (was probably about the paladin pad)

Yes - very excited about this. Totally in - anything that uses classic Alps sets like AEK is a win in my book.


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