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【IC】Zero-G Studio X DMK ABS Keycap Set "THIRD SPACE"

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Zero-G Studio:
Hey everyone!

The Zero-G “THIRD SPACE” Double Shot Cherry Profile Keycap Set is now in IC.
Please fill out this IC form if you’re interested or have any feedback:IC FORM

The “THIRD SPACE” keycap is designed by Zero-G Studio and manufactured by Domikey.

Design inspiration
In the 1970s, the American sociologist Ray Oldenburg proposed the concept of "third space" from the perspective of urban and social research. He calls the place of residence the "first space", the place where he spends a lot of time working is called the "second space", and the "third space" is the informal public gathering place outside the place of residence and work, and the concept of the "third space" emphasizes the social role of the place, such as cafes, tea houses, bars, community centers, and so on.

Today we bring you this set of blue-based design "third space".

The main color is blue with two different saturations, representing another space outside of work and life. It's also real, right all around us.

It's a VR game-themed design. The birth of VR games makes us feel the immersive game experience, as if entering another world.

World of Warcraft is the first MMORPG to include a quest system.In the novel design, I added exclamation points and question marks to pay tribute to World of Warcraft, a milestone in the MMORPG game and a great game that has accompanied me for 10 years.

World of Warcraft used to be my third space besides work and life. On the continent of Azeroth, I have a group of friends and comrades who have never met. We chatted together, play through quests together , and did tasks together. As if this were another world. In reality they may be all over the world, but on the road to Azeroth, they are right next to me.

With this set of designs, we commemorate our lost youth and pay tribute to our best friends in the game.



We are trying to use translucent ABS keycaps to design NOVEL, of course, what I am showing now is just some effects, it is not the final solution.

Relegendable keycap
For a better match, we tried to make a Relegendable keycap, he can change the stickers you like according to your preferences. Keycap renderings to be presented later.


Alt Color

Color Palette
In order to achieve the blue effect in the rendering, we made more than 40 physical color cards for screening, and repeatedly compared them under different lights to select the most beautiful blue.

Designed by Zero-G Studio
Manufactured by Domikey
Profile: Cherry (1-1-2-3-4-4)
Material: ABS
Double-shot legends


Kit Pricing

GB Dates
GB time is expected to open in July

NA: ThocKeys
CA: DeskHero
VIE:Uniq Meck

Production period is estimated to be around 100-120 days after the GB ends.

If you are interested in collaborating, please contact us by


After this week, I don't think anyone that would be interested in a crypto themed set has the money to buy one

Also GMK Metaverse has been a thing for years, could you not think of a unique name for this set?

Zero-G Studio:

--- Quote from: dededecline on Thu, 12 May 2022, 21:51:45 ---After this week, I don't think anyone that would be interested in a crypto themed set has the money to buy one

Also GMK Metaverse has been a thing for years, could you not think of a unique name for this set?

--- End quote ---
This theme isn't just for those blockchain or virtual currency players.
I think the metaverse is about all of us. With the development of technology, although we have not joined the popular blockchain industry, our lives are indeed gradually affected by the concept of the metaverse, including movies, games, Books, socializing, shopping and many more.
GMK's Metaverse is a game-themed design, so I don't think it's actually a conflict.
And the elements contained in this theme are actually the definition of the metaverse. I also gave the definition of the metaverse at the beginning of IC. ;D

chat and team:
This is pretty good better than whatever the weeb one was at least.

the only feedback I'm willing to leave here is the name choice is in conflict with an existing and well known set, it's in your best interest to change it. also pretty disrespectful given you're clearly aware of the other set. but yeah no f*ck off with that nft theme


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