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Hey Folks!
« on: Sat, 11 February 2023, 22:37:10 »
Hi everyone,

My name is TheUltimateM and I've joined geekhack to hopefully get more into keyboards and eventually put a few together that I'm really happy with. I'm based in Canada (which can make shipping and prices tricky haha) and have been keeping my eyes peeled on some keycap collections and group buys.

I've pulled the trigger on a GMMK Pro as a beginner board since it came pre-assembled and will allow me to try some different switch/keycap combinations, I'll likely keep that for awhile, and as a workhorse/daily office use board. I am open to suggestions on custom keypads/numpads and 60% for something portable that I can take to work. I'm also keeping my eyes peeled for any boards that have mini OLED screens, since I'd like to have some fun little animations on them, just to play around with ;).

Other interests include music, going to concerts, and games (lately I've been playing Destiny 2). Looking forward to learning more about this hobby and getting involved!