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Title: Hi there, it's good to reconnect
Post by: daggerden on Mon, 22 November 2021, 20:02:22
Greeting GH!

Thought I come say hi! Itís been a while since the good old days in GH. My GH journey began when Click Clack was the most well-respected keycap collectibles, HHKB, Ducky and Filco etc. are amongst the top mechanical KB brand back then with a close-knitted community like no other. It was a specialized hobby unlike any other. As a broke student then, I can only admire them. Thereafter, I went offline to focus on my design career. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you see it), the mainstream entered the space. Nonetheless, more eyes mean more options in the market.


Subsequently, I had a chance to design the ASUS TUF GAMING K5 keyboard, and my passion for keyboard re-ignite. With the TUF signature military elements, the design of the Keyboard was born. Not long after, the keyboard are on sale in the selected region. Something seems missing, it is not a mechanical keyboard.  I reminisced the old times spent in GH with a Close-knit community. I continue to explore and in the pandemic lockdown, I built my first custom keyboard, with lingering memories of the Ducky keyboard. I continue to custom my own keyboard with the current TOFU60 setup and acquired my first RAMA artisan keycap. Fast forward second half of this year, I chanced upon NFT and hope to do something with art and artisan keycap, to reconnect back with the GH community. Hence, I brainstormed and started creating some art that is related to artisan keycap, hoping to reconnect with the community in a meaningful way.

Well recently, I posted my personal keycap NFTx keycap and 96keys Keyboard project in the making of section. However, with a small misunderstanding, my thread got removed. Nonetheless, I will still be hanging around, and will keep you guys posted on what's next. In the meantime, take care, stay safe and thock on!
Title: Re: Hi there, it's good to reconnect
Post by: daggerden on Sun, 28 November 2021, 00:17:27
Very interesting reactions from GH members. It gave me a sense of how the community perceive 'right-click and save'! Very insightful!
Thank you all for the fiery feedback!

Instead of sharing my goofy NFT WIP, I want to switch gears and share my WIP keycap and keyboard project!
Please continue to share your thoughts with me in the other thread (link above) and how can I improve.
Cheers, and stay safe, wherever you are! :)

Alden / Daggerden (GH)
Title: Re: Hi there, it's good to reconnect
Post by: suicidal_orange on Sun, 28 November 2021, 02:27:48
Sadly the community you once knew is all but dead, the site is now riddled with useless newbies who are only here to circle jerk insults and buy stuff.  They're even too stupid to notice that you didn't post in Interest Checks and weren't trying to sell them anything - if you hadn't quoted them I'd have deleted them all.  At least you're in a good enough place to laugh about it!
Title: Re: Hi there, it's good to reconnect
Post by: daggerden on Sun, 05 December 2021, 08:40:37
Hi suicidal_orange! I appreciated your kind reply and explanation. I'm saddened to hear that GH turned into this sorry state. Regarding the thread, no worries about it. There is always another chance to do it. Well, I am now better prepared and cautious to navigate around the forum. Thanks again! :)