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[Artisan] Crookey GB sale - [Birthstone colored bunny] in reply.

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Hi guys,
I'm a silver artisan maker, Crookey.
I make artisan through wax carving and metal[silver, brass] crafts.

I'm gonna upload my new works and raffles through this thread.

Below is a video where you can see my work process briefly.

You can also check my works by instagram. (artisan account) (silver account)

-My works-


I will upload raffle information through this thread reply.

And to commemorate the first upload of Geekhack Artisan, I leave the recently ended Halloween Raffle open for 24 hours.

Update new raffle!

form link :

Crookey [MOP Key & Onyx Key] raffle open soon.
Form open ~ closes : 2022/11/05/am 11:00  (GMT+9 / KST) ~ 11/06/am 11:00 (GMT+9 / KST)  24 hours

Form Link -

Coming Soon

These are inspired by Hręsvelgr and Jormungand of Norse mythology.

Form open ~ closes : 2022/11/12/pm 10:00  (GMT+9 / KST) ~ 11/13/pm 10:00 (GMT+9 / KST)  24 hours

Form link :


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