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If every part of a vessel is replaced, is it still the same vessel?

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Hey all, I'm Alex. :D This is my first IC, so bear with me.

What started as a personal project has grown into something I wanted to share with the community. Enter the Theseus75 — a balanced 75% split mechanical keyboard kit.


* 6° typing angle
* 20mm front height (~36.6mm overall height)
* Exploded navigation + macro column
* Two Alps EC11 rotary encoders w/ 1.5mm push-button switch
* Magnetic interlocking
* LEMO-compatible 1B 5-pin interconnect
* Embedded USB 2.0 hub (useful for Yubikey, Logi Receiver, etc.)
* Custom USB-C daughterboards (uDB S1 form factor)
* ANSI hot-swap or ANSI/ISO solder PCB
* RGB Underglow
* QMK/VIA compatibility
* Gasket mount design
* 6063 aluminum frame
* Frosted polycarbonate base

All PCBs will include the following options:

* Stepped capslock
* Split left shift
* Split backspace
* Reversible 1.25/2.25u spacebarNote that the hot-swap PCB will have only ANSI (2.25u) enter support, and solder PCB will have both ANSI and ISO enter options.

UPDATE: By popular demand, the solder PCB will also include pseudo-Tsangan support (1.5+1+1.5+2.25+1, 2.75+1.5+1.5).
Note that this will come at the expense of clip-in stabilizers — i.e., most clip-ins will NOT be compatible with the solder PCB. If you feel strongly about this and prefer clip-in support, I highly encourage you to note it in the IC — there is a question added specifically for this, so that way this decision reflects the majority of user requests.

I've been itching to try my hand at a hand-wired board for some time now, but without a case to put it all in, it was easy to be dissuaded. Macropads are fun, and they seemed like a good place to start, but I wanted to make this project count—I wanted my "endgame." Inspired by several boards already on the market, this was my attempt to assemble all the features I liked into the form of a high-end, the function of a 75%, and the flexibility of a split. Originally my plan was to make the case by hand out of hardwood, but after diving further into the keyboard atelier rabbit hole journey, finding the right materials and manufacturers to mill such a complex piece out of wood just hasn't been tenable. But after modeling and rendering an aluminum frame with several color finishes, I fell in love: hardwood or not, I needed it. Thought you might too. ;)

The name for this board was born out of the many times I've started this project over from scratch: rebuild after rebuild, was it still the same board I started with? Figured I'd leave that one to the philosophers. In either case, as something you can take apart and put back together, the name just felt right.


In keeping with the Greek mythology theme, I am planning to make the board available in the following colorways:

* Apollo (e-white)
* Artemis (anodized black)
* Hermes (anodized silver)
* Poseidon (anodized blue)
* Ares (anodized burgundy)
* Demeter (anodized dark green)
* Aphrodite (e-pink)
* Hera (anodized purple)
* Helios (e-yellow)

Estimated Price
~$400 USD

Base kit estimated to include the following:

* Aluminum frame + PC base
* FR4 plate (additional plate materials as extras)
* Top + bottom PORON® foam gaskets
* Switch PE foam
* High-density case foam
* Left + right PCBs (choice of hot-swap or solder)
* Left + right DBs w/ Molex connectors
* 2x LEMO-compatible EGG.1B.305 female panel mounts w/ Molex connectors to PCB
* LEMO-compatible FGG.1B.305 male-to-male interconnect cable w/ braided sleeving
* Custom silicone feet
* Custom carrying case
* All required fasteners/standoffsNote that the price point above is only a rough estimate, and that the final GB price may change. I am aiming to keep the cost of the board as affordable as possible while ensuring the kit includes all the necessary components, so this price point and IC will be refined as the project solidifies. You can visit the IC form at any time to change your answer.

Currently exploring the following items as GB extras:

* Multiple plate materials (aluminum, brass, PC, POM, carbon fiber)
* Additional PCBs
* Wrist rests
* Artisan knobs
* Custom cablesThis is still in development, so if you have an idea for something, mention it in the IC form — I can't guarantee it'll be a part of the base kit, but if there's enough interest I'll definitely try to make it available.


United States:Dangkeebs
Mechs & Co.


Previous Renders: More
Previous GX16 connector:

Initial renders:


* ebastler – PCB design
* its.hymn – renders
* mark_the_weeb – renders
* Others TBA soon!
* Special thanks to the peeps in Keyboard Atelier for all the tips/tricks/guidance.IC Form

Eager to hear your thoughts! Thanks all.

Changes will be summarized here as the thread is updated.

2022-10-26: OP 2022-11-13: Blue colorway added, features updated 2023-01-02: 3DP prototype photos added, PCB designer announced 2023-02-28: Colorways updated, PCB options announced, renders added 2023-03-01: Banner render added 2023-03-31: Pseudo-Tsangan support added, rough CNC proto photos added 2023-04-21: First round of vendors added

I love it, GLWIC!
I was also planning on learning handwiring so this board will be the perfect opportunity for me :)

Damn, I've been wanting a VE.A for years but this would do the trick.


--- Quote from: japancakes on Thu, 27 October 2022, 13:34:40 ---Damn, I've been wanting a VE.A for years but this would do the trick.

--- End quote ---

Ooo, how have I never seen this?? May have to take some notes!


--- Quote from: fortissim2 on Wed, 26 October 2022, 14:27:48 ---I love it, GLWIC!
I was also planning on learning handwiring so this board will be the perfect opportunity for me :)

--- End quote ---

TY! Based on the IC results so far, we may be in the minority. ;) Either way I'm very much looking into getting a PCB designed for this!


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