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I just got my poker

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--- Quote from: Kellybear on Thu, 09 August 2012, 13:46:59 ---imsto always packages his stuff super well and the shipping is pretty fast too :>

--- End quote ---

Took 3 weeks but I used the cheap shipping option

Out of curiosity, what are the switches? I have been (like many others) been keeping my eyes out for reds, but it seems like the only Pokers available are brown.

I got browns but I'm going to mod them to ergo-clears. With a poker stem switches are easy, so I would just buy one and mod to the switch you want, it's pretty easy since it's PCB mount

imsto's pokers have brown switches.

The_Beast: really? Pretty sure I use cheap shipping options too and mine arrived in like a week o-o Most of the stuff he sends to me generally take about a week to get here. Most shipments that I follow tracking for only take about a week or a little more.

I paid July 19th and got it yesterday, are you in the US?


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