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[GB] GMK Esc Pack V2!

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Is that the new purple? Looks dark =/

But then again the picture is kinda dark =)

Can't wait for the escs!


--- Quote from: UKKeycaps on Tue, 27 September 2016, 12:03:22 ---
--- Quote from: Suembeaux on Mon, 26 September 2016, 00:46:26 ---I just realized the shipping estimate is September 25th 2106. So I guess I don't really have a reason to ask how things are coming along.

--- End quote ---

You can pay 10 to have the shipping date brought forward by 90 years!

More accurate update - shipping has begun! first packs will be sent out tomorrow!

--- End quote ---

What a deal. Sign me up.

Glad to see stuff is shipping. Next week will be exciting with these, Skeletor, and 9009 all shipping (and hopefully CMYK). Thanks!

I got my keycaps! Thank you very much.


--- Quote from: Pieminister on Sun, 02 October 2016, 06:57:12 ---I got my keycaps! Thank you very much.

--- End quote ---

The color change for purple have been mentioned in the skeletor thread before, and is also noticeable between my new hyperfuse and older purple mods.

I have noticed that the cyan have changed too, to a more blue color (which seems to be noticeable in your picture too), which haven't been announced.

I wonder if any of the other U-colors have changed with their new name (like the magenta).


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