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Have you used the keyboard with Kailh BOX Switch?

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Have you used the keyboard with Kailh BOX Switch?

I've been using Kailh BOX Heavy Burnt Orange switches :D

No because there are no UK/EU suppliers for me to buy them from, and I don't want to have to pay high shipping+handling+customs fees from a US seller

I just built a 40% with box pale blues and they're amazing, the click is loud, crisp and fires off on both down and upstroke.
I'm sure a lot it may be that it's my new baby but it's just a joy to type on, I carry it everywhere.
Ordered some burnt orange and dark yellow to try too since the blues surpassed all expectations, also really inexpensive.

BOX Whites are nice but I still prefer Gatistotles; more tactile and slightly bassier click.

BOX Blacks are the best stock linears I've ever tried. Smooth, not much wobble. What else could you want in a linear?


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