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idc what price or how many keys there are. The more the better imo. I really want the d-pad and abxy keys in full color. I think that would be awesome.

While Start & Select has darker color in the controller but I don't think it's a good idea to make them dark in this set because it kinda break the overall color balance. My vote is stay like other modifiers and let it be a quiet novelties which will surprise ones with keen eye.

I know it is gonna replace the win and menu key but since this is considered novelties, can 1.5u have some love too? We need 1.5u neutral key as a default. 1.5u Super in 9009 R2 is a good example.

Also, the HHKB arrow with pad print, I'm worried about its longevity. How about making them fron printed?

Some ideas:

- W, A, S, Z (dpad look), & D (traditional wasd accent) in dark grey
- triangles instead of arrows for the arrow keys in mod color, or dark grey
- I second the SELECT/START keys, in dark grey
- Caps Lock & Enter in purple, looks like POWER & RESET
- Long shot, but I'll throw it out there - "EJECT" on space bar!
- SNES-related artisan raffle
- SNES-Styled GMK Tray Sleeve, looks like US/NTSC Console box packaging - Sherry, PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN! I can help with graphics if need be for this one!

This last one would REALLY make the set special!


Surprised no Color arrow keys or even just the legend on them.
Personally not big into the colors in the mods.

also since we are mentioning Start/Select it be nice to have a Restart and Power also on maybe the delete and enter


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