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Any ELECOM Huge users

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Been experimenting with the ELECOM Huge lately.
(This is my first trackball).
I kinf of like it, but I'm not sure if it's too big for me or not?
Because I can't really figure what is the correct hand position for it.

Me I do :
- Thumb sitting on Left click
- Index and middle finger on the ball
- Ring in between R & Fn3
- pinky sitting on right end

My main issue with it is how hard the middle click is, I'm a big middle click user and it's so heavy to press down.

Your hand position is correct, just keep in mind that to comfortably access the scroll wheel you should rest fingertips on the ball, means to move wrist backward. Some people with really big hands that prefer to control ball with fingers moved more forward report that Huge is too small for them because then it is impossible to reach scroll wheel without thumb acrobatics. I also having Elecom Deft Pro, and for this one I actually can move wrist more forward without loosing scroll wheel.
And yes, both of Elecoms are having quite heavy middle click, or may be it is just not too convenient to click it sideways with the thumb. I do not use middle click, so I actually do not bother about that.


How's the ball? Is it smooth when you move it?


--- Quote ---How's the ball? Is it smooth when you move it?
--- End quote ---

Hi, the ball is great and very smooth. The huge is very close to Microsoft Trackball Explorer ergonomically but the ball is larger and you can select dpi speed too.
A lot of buttons, very useful when you use sketchup. It's one of  my favorite.
A little photo for comparaison:


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