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--- Quote from: knightjp on Fri, 18 September 2020, 10:20:41 ---I'm using SteerMouse to control and give functionality to most of the extra buttons on MacOS. But there was a recent update to SteerMouse and even though the settings are the same, nothing seems to be working. Any ideas?

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Thanks for the tip ! I've used this trackball for 2 years now as my daily driver and never took advantage of the additional buttons. This will be a good improvement to my workflow

I really like all of Elecom's offering's. For some great reason they are not expensive in the United States. Perhaps they are little known. Or the quality is often overlooked. I am not sure why they are not more popular.
So here is the ultimate trick with them. Or any device with a smaller ball. You need to go get some 100% synthetic oil at a Firearms dealer. If you do not shoot, just go there and they will show you the right stuff. Unfortunately the brands you want are pretty expensive. Take a Q-tip and twist the cotton tight. Now squirt a few drops of the oil onto the end of the Q-tip. Now apply it to the tiny rollers inside the ball cavity. What the ball rides on. Move the rollers around with the lubricated Q-tip. Do not over do it. Replace the ball. You should now have greased lightening. You should be able to flick the ball and it will spin around by it self 20 times. Due to the mass and inertia of the ball itself now gliding with almost no resistance. That is, if you think this would be a good thing.

I've had a mixed journey with the Elecom Huge.

The stock bearings "stick" when the ball is not already moving, making fine/precise movement almost impossible. I got some custom bearings but havevn't installed them yet.

The hand position is weird and takes getting used-to. I have very small hands, and I found that it works best if I actually sit my hand farther back on the mouse, so that my fingers aren't fully laid over the buttons, but my thumb is positioned more nicely over the scroll wheel, and my fingertips are positioned more nicely over the ball. Manofinterests also once suggested that it's more usable if you angle the trackball a bit (maybe on the edge of a thin book), so that the inner edge is elevated, creating a "tenting" effect. I tried it, but I ended up going back to flat-on-the-desk once I found a hand position that worked for me.

Overall I don't regret owning it, and now that I'm used to it, I like the "organic" hand-conforming shape when compared to other "big-ass trackballs" like the CST L-Trac and Kensington Expert. But the "sticking" issue with the stock bearings was really disappointing; it's been sitting on my shelf next to a bag of replacement bearings, rather than on my desk.

I can attest to the "sticking" issue but I've found it to me much less prominent with I'm using 3 fingers to move the ball and not pressing down very hard. The sticking seems to be worse when I'm firm with the ball.


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