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--- Quote from: mb93 on Sat, 22 February 2020, 16:34:54 ---
--- Quote ---How's the ball? Is it smooth when you move it?
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Hi, the ball is great and very smooth. The huge is very close to Microsoft Trackball Explorer ergonomically but the ball is larger and you can select dpi speed too.
A lot of buttons, very useful when you use sketchup. It's one of  my favorite.
A little photo for comparaison:
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I have an Elecom Huge and can also confirm the trackball is very nice and smooth.

But I have the Elecom M-XT3DRBK and M-XT4DRBK and the trackball on these is smooth about 90% of the time. Sometimes there's a little extra friction in there, even when it's been cleaned. Unlike the Huge, these have smaller black trackballs. I might try changing over to a different ball, if I can find ones that will fit.

I didn't know they made trackballs. I only knew about the mice. So ELECOM is Japanese BTW

I've been using an elecom huge for nearly a year and it's a great trackball and its really comfortable, for me i changed fn1 to middle mouse through mouseassistant5 or whatever the elecom software is called because I found the scroll wheel to be very difficult to press all the way in.

When it's set to fn1 its an easy reach with the index finger.

Just got my Huge yesterday. To be honest, I'm having mixed a experience.
Prior to this, I had the Slimblade and when that failed, I was deliberating on whether to get Huge or the Expert.

I will say that the scrolling on the Slimblade came pretty much naturally to me. It felt comfortable and natural right from the first second. On the Huge, it takes a bit of getting used to. I know that those who like the MS Trackball Explorer will like this.

Of course the worst thing right now for me is the fact that the Elecom Mouse Assistant software does not seem to be working that well with MacOS.

I use it with my hand place on the buttons how you describe in your original post.

However, personally I don't really use the buttons on the right-hand side of the mouse as I find them too easy to mis-click (I have them set as alt key and a new tab key for chrome).

I have the left click where it is by default, but I use the forward button as a right click and the backward button as a middle click. This saves having to push in the wheel for the middle click.

I use the up and down scroll wheel tilts to navigate backwards and forwards in chrome.

I then have Fn1 and Fn2 as volume up and down respectively.

Definitely worth upgrading the bearings to ceramics though, the Huge has an unusable amount of static friction stock, and even with the upgrade is nowhere near as smooth as the Kensington Expert, although I cannot work out why.


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