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My Filco has been busy *shameless self promotion*

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--- Quote from: Busty;13713 ---Nice game graphics, runs flawlessly on my MacBook with OS X 10.5.5., but i didn't like the steering behavior at all.
--- End quote ---

glad it worked.

what kind of control scheme would feel intuitive to you?  Lots of new people have problems with the controls at first but outside of using a game pad with an analog stick i cant think of how to improve it. Note: game pads with analog sticks aren't sported yet... game pads work but are treated as digital input instead of analog ATM.


--- Quote from: bhtooefr;13711 ---Looks like a modernized version of Sopwith. I'm there. (With the Windows version - my Mac barely runs at all, and my Linux box doesn't have X installed.)
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I remember sopwith! That was a fun game...

Perhaps I played too much R-Type on the C64, but left and right for up and down is hard to get used too. I assume it should be the pitch from the perspective of the pilot, but I personally just didn't like it.
Would it work with my Competition Pro Joystick?

cool game, works fine in ubuntu 8.10

Suggestion for the tutorial: Add in a bit on how to play the team games.

I've seen some low-level players that didn't have a clue what they were doing on team games.


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