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A rosewill neon m59 pretty cheap mouse but I love the shape.
Additionally I added a white carbon fiber vinyl wrap  :D

At my home desktop setup, I currently use the Razer Naga Hex V2 I've had for years - and I honestly think I'd have to get a new Naga, or something similar, if my current one were to finally kick the bucket. I've gotten too used to having all of those numbers right there at my thumb for the games I play at home! Not just MMOs or games like League (which I finally quit a few months ago, best decision I've ever made!), but even for Doom Eternal or the PC port of Halo MCC's weird control bindings (Change weapon on 1? Change grenade on 2? Halo 4's sprint on Z?!? Weird, yes, but you can get used to it). Sure, the Hex V2 only goes up to 7, but I still find the utility of it indispensable in my use case. Been eyeing one of the ones that has 12 buttons, but I'm definitely not going to pull the trigger on getting a new one until I've run this one into the ground. No reason to.

As for work, though I haven't asked around too much, I've been sticking with the provided crap-tastic Lenovo "included with ThinkCentre PCs" mouse because I'm not sure they allow employees to use non-company peripherals. And, well... It definitely works as a mouse that points at things on a screen, that's for sure, but I feel like I could accidentally break it in half if I were to put a single ounce of pressure on the wrong spot, i.e., anywhere but the buttons because of the crappy plastic and build quality. Only good thing I can say about it is that the scroll wheel clicks into place nicely when scrolling, and isn't a freewheel, which I'm not a fan of. But even that's got the bad side of it not always clicking into place properly and feeling terrible.

Logitech G700s for funzies, Elecom Huge for work. I'm just slightly annoyed that the Huge apparently uses some weird-assed button functionality that doesn't let it send the correct keystrokes across RDP.


MX Ergo for work and a Xenics Titan GX Air Wireless for gaming.


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