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What Pointing Device Are You Using Now?

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Superlight with Corepads on an Artisan Hien X-Soft. I will actually just not buy mousepads from other companies any time soon unless I have budget constraints.

Im using for 9 years Logitech G400. Perfect mouse  :D

My old wired Dell optical mouse met with an "accident", so I started using a physically similar wired Microsfot optical mouse.

That was terrible - even with tracking speed set all the way up, it was still very slow.  Plus it would randomly jump the mouse pointer to one or the other side of the screen.  And the scroll wheel feels sticky.

On a whim, I unpackaged the Apple Magic Mouse 2 that came with the iMac and has never been used.  It still had about 40% charge in it.  It paired immediately (probably shipped paired originally), and has been working surprisingly well.

Instead of clicking a scroll wheel, I simply slide my finger back and forth on the smooth spot where a scroll wheel would be and the page scrolls - magic!

The only complaint is that it is a bit small for my hands, but I seem to have fairly large hands and most mouses seem too small.

Logitech Trackman Marble and Zowie EC2-A.
No frills, just gets the damn job done.

Here they are in all their dusty glory. An old, original Rival for games and an Itac Mouse-Trak for everything else.


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