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Definitive Omron Switch Guide for Mice

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They're alloys, not pure gold/silver


--- Quote from: dennis97519 on Thu, 10 December 2020, 18:08:59 ---So according to the datasheet -01 is supposed to indicate 30 VDC 0.1A rating, while without -01 indicates 125 VAC 1A rating for -F (low operating force) switches. I got both from mouser and took the shell off. The spring part seems to be the same; both the hammer and the nub where the hammer strikes appears silvery on the D2F-F and appears copperish on the D2F-01F. I didn't take the spring off, so maybe the copperish nubs are plated in the center with gold.

--- End quote ---
You're mixing AC and DC, two very different things,. you cannot match them against each other.

As for the plating,
As TP said, they're alloys and it refers to the contacts, not the leaf.

Just wanted to add something to this discussion. It's a paper on mouse switches.

I found this part interesting:

--- Quote ---Some switches do not have stationary contact points at all. They simple rely on the conductivity
of the NO pinís inner structure. The entire Omron D2FC series of switch is guilty of this and can be
seen in Figure 2. The improper contact surface causes asymmetric wear on the moving contacts,
which partly leads to the double-clicking issues commonly found in mice using these switches.
--- End quote ---

I have an update coming for alternatives to Omron.
Optimum Tech's latest video on Youtube pointed out some alternatives and some links giving me a good starting point and I'll be going through those and adding them to the guide.

I want to stress some things I think he gets wrong in the video.
He claims this is a good place to learn to solder, I strongly disagree. While he makes it look easy and they sort of are, some mice are extremely difficult to reach the switches but more importantly D2f style switches are EXTREMELY fickle regarding heat, I cringed a time or two seeing how he soldered them. It's not that he's bad, his solder job would be fine for MX switches but these demand low heat and low heat soak, this is likely why he had so much trouble with them all sounding different. These switches are made to tolerances that make MX switches look bad, they should sound more alike than not. 

Second and more importantly, he claims these alternatives won't double click like Omrons.
The double click is the result of spring failure, these all are just copies of the Omron D2f design in pretty much every way, meaning there's really no reason to assume these are any more immune to the dreaded double click as Omron. I have yet to deep dive these but just a cursory look into them shows they haven't done anything to combat that issue or any other problem facing Omrons. They should be viewed as an alternative, not a solution.

Iíve been using Kailh GM 4.0 and TTC Gold microswitches in my mice in place of the stock Omrons for some extra crispy clicks. Got some GM 8.0 microswitches on the way and plans for modding a G Pro Wireless.

The hardest part was the disassembly and reassembly.  So many screws.  The soldering was pretty simple.


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