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Hey all! I've recently been bitten by the keyboard collecting and building bug, and I have a lot to learn. I'd love to set up a meetup and meet other enthusiasts in the Bay Area. Now that many of us are vaccinated, it seems like we could get at least a small handful of people together in the same physical location.

I'd aim for the end of August or early September. Can you all give me a sense of how interested you'd be in this? I can find a location and arrange the details.


+1 on this. Would love to join my first ever keyboard meet up!

small meetups are really what we need more of. the scene has gotten so big here that the meetups have been reduced to large events that are far and few. i might just try to throw something together in the next month or two and just limit it to like 15-20 peeps max. i'd also be in favor of meeting later in aug/sept too.

+1 here, I'm new and would love some new keyboard friends :)

I might be down for something later in the year as well.  Something in the East Bay would be most interesting to me.


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