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Sand Glass Ergo is an 80% ergonomic layout keyboard kit design we designed in collaboration with designer KeepCalm.

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Group Buy Information

1. How to order

The link will be available starting from 05-18-2022 at 10 PM ET.

2. What does a kit include?

* Top case, middle frame, bottom case
* Wrist rest
* Left and right mounting plates
* Left and right 1.2mm PCBs with cable + USB Type C connector daughter board with cable
* Gasket strips (28 pieces), Plate alignment gasket strip (11 pieces)
* Poron sheet between the PCB and the plate
* Dumper sheet under the PCB
* Others: Stabilizer spacers, Screws, Dumper strips between the middle frame and the bottom case, Bottom case rubber feet (4 pieces), Wrist rest rubber feet (5 pieces), etc.
3. Explanation of the options

* The color options are fixed for Sandglass Ergo. It is one of the more niche kits we developed so we want to make the GB simpler.
* It does not include a brass weight because it is already heavy enough. It's even heavier than all our previous kits except for the full brass ones.
* Solder PCBs with ALPS support are not available in this run but will be available in the future.
* The hot-swappable PCB is 1.2mm thick. It uses QMK or VIA firmware. Surface mount white color LEDs are pre-soldered. The layout of the PCB is shown below.
* The carbon fiber wrist-rest is canceled in this GB due to the difficulties in quality control.

4. What's the price?

Each kit is 525 USD during the GB.
The shipping fee is $85 for each kit for most countries.
The shipping weight is around 6 kg / 13 pounds for each kit with packing.
Buying multiple kits in one order does not reduce your shipping fee.

5. Timeline and limits

The GB starts from 05-18-2022 at 10 PM ET.
It will open for 7 days unless the number of orders is getting too big. A soft top limit is 400 kits in total.
I do not expect it to be reached. It's the number we can handle in a reasonable time. The expected lead time is 3 months.

Approved :thumb:

Will the stabilizer spacers clearance issue for backspace key, as shown in the video, be fixed? Also what's the material for the case and plates?

Can we know if this future Solder PCB will support other layouts? And also support standard MX switches?
I need my split backspace.
I also prefer a different configuration for my bottom row with a 1u on the right side of the left spacebar


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Thank you!


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