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Is the blue colour final as shown in the prototype or aiming to be close to renders?

You mentioned about solderable pcb offered in the future run. Is it just the pcb will be available or another groupbuy for the whole kit?

As a right hand spacebar hitter, my thumb hits the spacebar between B and N, a bit closer to N though. If you have a 2.25u on the right, I am hitting almost the left edge of the split spacebar. Maybe this is just me with a relatively large hand, but something you might want to consider as this isn't that ergonomic..

I'd like to see the 1u key in between either spacebar removed. i.e. make the configuration like Owlab's Spring or Meridian, with 2.75u spacebar on the right and the 2.25u on the left or vice versa. Also, another vote for split backspace support as well.

Also, I thought the 1.75u right shift is a little odd for a TKL. Definitely less need to use layers for most TKL users. Would rather see that as a standard full 2.25u shift (hopefully getting the sizing right) and split backspace support.


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--- Quote from: CookieFlow on Wed, 18 May 2022, 11:29:09 ---Can we know if this future Solder PCB will support other layouts? And also support standard MX switches?
I need my split backspace.
I also prefer a different configuration for my bottom row with a 1u on the right side of the left spacebar

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Yes. It will support multiple layouts. That's the purpose of having the solderable PCB. It will support MX and ALPS.
Do you mean split the 2.75u key with 1.75u+1u? The layout hasn't been finalized yet so I do need more input.

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I would personally want something like this similar to other alice layouts like below, but then you would have to redo the top case to accomodate the extra key.

now that i think about it its basically just swapping the left and right spacebar cluster lol. i guess its too late for that.

Having the 1u key on the left makes it more ergonomic when using as an fn key, rather than trying to reach for the 1u key on the right with your left thumb while your right hand is on the mouse or arrow keys or nav clusters. You could use the “nice” key as your left side fn but then again it looses the ergonomics since its too far from the home row
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I much prefer traditional spacebar layout as this as well. Considering to join if we can have this option.

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