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Hello and welcome to the Group Buy for The Gentoo!

GMK Hammerhead Dark on Blue with PVD sides, GMK Bingsu on White, GMK Botanical on Green, GMK Rudy on Black

The Gentoo is a penguin themed, 65% keyboard that is a clear successor to my previously released board, The Adélie. With The Adelie paying homage to my favorite types of boards, sub 60's, it excluded the number row. For some, this was a deal breaker and I can't say that I blame them.

"Gentoo" is the name of a different species of penguin and as the name of this board works two fold: not only is this board the "Gen 2" of its predecessor, the Gentoo penguin, as you can see here, is a slightly larger penguin than the Adélie which I find aptly describes the relation between this board and the last.

Saturday May 28 11am EST
First Serve for all vendors
Duration: one week

Expected Delivery, Q4 of 2022.

US: Units: 350
CA: Units: 35
UK: Units: 35
EU: Units: TBD
CN: Units: 50
OC: Units: TBD

Vendor quantities will be available as we get closer, check back here!

Black Gentoo with silver PVD weight

E White with sandblasted brass

GMK Rudy on black Gentoo with sandblasted brass

GMK Botanical on on green Gentoo with sandblasted brass

Layout options

Board Features
Gasket mount.
6 Degree typing angle.
Side weight accents.
Daughter board, centered USB.
QMK and VIA compatible.
[Bottom/Internal] Brass Weight.

Buyers will be able to pick the case color followed by the weight finishing rather than in preconfigured arrangements. Current pricing is final for Cannon Keys and other vendors pricing will be available closer to the time of the group buy due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates.

While currently unknown schedules keep an eye out for build streams!

Base configuration: $450 USD
Aluminum plate, Sandblasted Brass Weights, Solder PCB (with ISO support), Case Foam, and Plate Foam.

Case color options:
Forest Green
Navy Blue

PVD Weight upgrade: (+$100)
Silver nickel plated brass
Graphite nickel plated brass

Add ons:
Hotswap PCB Upgrade             $10
PVD Weight Upgrade               $100

FR4 Plate                               $25
Aluminum Plate                      $45
Carbon Fiber Plate                  $45
Polycarbonate Plate                 $45
Brass Plate                             $55
Extra Gaskets                         $5
Solder PCB                             $50
Hotswap PCB*                        $60
Daughterboard Kit                   $5
Extra Feet                               $3
Extra Foam                             $10
Extra Sandblasted Weight Set   $75
Extra PVD Weight Set              $175
PE Foam                                 $4

*Hotswap PCB will be fixed to this layout:

Approved :thumb:

Hype! GLWGB, excited to try to snag one.

Super excited for this! Can you explain the difference between the standard weight and upgraded weight?


--- Quote from: byfuryattheheart on Wed, 18 May 2022, 11:37:47 ---Super excited for this! Can you explain the difference between the standard weight and upgraded weight?

--- End quote ---

Great question. The standard weight configuration is a sandblasted brass with antioxidation coating which you can see on the white board, the "upgraded weight" is nickel-plated and polish finish which you can see an example of in the photo showing the internal weight on a black board. That is specifically the silver, while there is also a graphite option. A comparison photo will be posted when I have both of those options back in hand. At the moment, the silver is out with a streamer!


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