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[GB] F62+F77 orders now open! New Kishsaver+Industrial Model F Keyboards

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I think this layout may take some time to learn how to use it

As an update the latest email newsletter update is going out this afternoon.  Here's a link to see it right away, or if you are not subscribed (to subscribe feel free to head over to the project web site and click the box on the right hand side of the window):

Also check out this great project to create an RP2040-based controller for capacitive buckling spring keyboards:

A helpful person emailed me the answer to setting up the toggle keys - the secret to getting the right side blocks 4 and 5 working.

In summary you set one key (for example the key between Right Alt and Right Ctrl) to be the toggle key:  on the QMK configurator site, go to the Quantum tab and drag the TG key in the Layer and Tap Functions section to the keyboard and then enter in the number 3 in the text box inside this key (to indicate "layer" 3).  Then click layer 3 on the left side of the keyboard and drag the Insert/Del/etc. keys to the positions as indicated however you installed the keys (example "Del" on the 6 num pad key). 

With this setup, I was told that you can press the toggle key to act as a quasi-num lock key - when it is pressed, pressing the 6 num pad key in the above example will send the Del signal, and when the toggle key between Right Alt and Ctrl is pressed again, it will go back to num pad.  I think this is the solution we are looking for to getting the additional right side block keys working but please let me know if this is accurate.

I just received some interesting additional details on the Code key that I am sharing below:
"The Code key was found on IBM terminals as well as IBM Wheelwriter
typewriters. In both cases, though, its functionality was basically
exactly the same as the Alt key (the left-hand one, not the right-hand
one when it is used as an AltGr key) on the PC, to enable special
word-processing functions or other special functions of the program in
There was also a Code key on the Displaywriter."

Hello all.

Ellipse suggested me to post a message on this thread a few days ago so here is it.

I have received my F77 recently and I'm loving it!
Long before that I started to design a new controller for it with a more modern MCU, this is the 'Leyden Jar PCB'.

In order to not add too much pollution in this thread I created a specific one on Geekhack on this link:
Feel free to visit it for more details.

A bit of warning:
I am not an electronics engineeer, this is a hobby for me, and there are chances the project will be a  failure.
Having done several PCBs in the past, both keyboard related and on different fields, this is the most complex project I have ever started.
But hey, who does not try does not succeed ;)

Does anyone strongly prefer ordering the denser/more rubbery foam (all the foam I have been mailing out so far)?  I am now nearly out of the f77 regular foam so all future foam is going to be the authentic IBM style, much lighter XT style foam (the non-crumbly variety).  Given the minimum order quantities there would have to be at least 25-30 foams requested in the less authentic style.


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