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[GB] F62+F77 orders now open! New Kishsaver+Industrial Model F Keyboards

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I wanted to post (with permission) another customer photo, this time featuring a unique layout and the Mopar Blue keys - I have not seen more than a handful of photos so far with these keys.

The top row of keys on the right side block is planned for media keys once they are ordered and shipped, I was told.

The F77 finally arrived! I'm so excited!

After a little fiddling with installing the keys (and reseating a couple of them), everything seems to be working order. After following the instructional videos on firmware upgrades, I'm now on "VIA" firmware, and have managed to map 'pipe' to a key.

Thank you so much, Ellipse. The amount of work you put into the project is immense!

Great andy74; glad everything is up and running.

I am posting (with permission) another nice photo, this time with some of the new Extra Keys (some of which recently arrived from the factory: terminal, 4704, Icons, Extras, num pad/right side blocks, front printing), as well as some customized transparent relegendable keys, which allow you to print graphics for both the top and front of the key so you can have a custom key with custom front printing for multi-functionality. 

Here are some details on the fonts used:
"most the numbers are whatever font IBM used. It looks like Public Sans though. The period is Public Sans too. Fira Code for the two slashed zeros, after seeing a picture of a model M style macro pad with that on. Finally, my Wheelwriter uses Prestige Elite at 12 cpi. That's what all the VISA CREDIT stuff is written in.  All the words [on the relgednables] are Prestige Elite. I typed it manually on my wheelwriter."

The factory is air mailing me some of the new inner foam this month but only for the F77 regular (non HHKB variety - good for ANSI/ISO).  The expectation is that all F77 regular foam orders will be of this new foam material for the first aid kits and spare foams too. 

So if anyone wants to order the new style F77 regular foam it is now OK to do so (to be doubly sure it's ok to put in an order note for "I request the new foam material").  For previous orders you can't pick.

Keeping the original xwhatsit firmware alive:

Is anyone up for creating a "0.9.3 version 2" firmware for the new 33 pin controller I'm testing this week?  The changes are that caps is pin 18, pin 19 is Num, and pin 17 is Scroll.  Because of these hardware variations, this will have to be a separate firmware version.


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