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[GB] CA66 Custom Keyboard Kit Round 2 (Shipping Now)

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Default PCB building & flashing guide:
Bluetooth PCB building & flashing guide:

Please contact us via Facebook fanpage message, mail, or PM if you need after sale service.

Extra parts will be in stock on our store after all GB orders are sent, as we said it before.
We need to make sure everyone participating in this GB receive their items correctly first.
If you are looking for any spare parts for replacement, please follow our Instagram account and Facebook page to get the first info.
Hello community! Round 2 is up! ;D

IC link:

Design Concept:
Inspired by an old IBM keyboard, "PCjr".
The name CA66 came from French, "66 avec de la corniche". A 66 keys keyboard with cornice.

Product Contents:

* Case
* Aluminum switch plate (all plates are modified a bit for wireless signal to pass through)
* Default PCB or Bluetooth PCB
* Brass badge (not included in a WKL-like version)
* Screws, rubber feet
* BoxingExtra Parts Contents:

* Default PCB
* Bluetooth PCB
* Brass plate
* Titanium badge
* Aluminum Alps plate (for BT PCB)Case Features:

* 6063 aluminum
* 2 versions - HHKB-like & WKL-like
* Switch plate - aluminum & brass (optional)Case & Plate Colors:

* Default case colors - black, silver, dark grey
Special colors: white, grey blue, dark red, purple, army green (some are not shown in the product page. We'll update them as soon as possible)
* Alu switch plate colors - red, blue, gold, silver
* Brass switch plate (optional, only for extra purchasing)
Plate pic. The upper one is for Alps, the other one is for both alu and brass.
All are compatible with BT PCB.
PCB Features:

* Black, gold pads
* South facing led orientation
* USB C interface
* TMK, QMK firmware supporting
* RGB led side barBluetooth PCB Features:

* Wire/wireless, charging when cable is plugged
* TMK firmware
* A bluetooth switch between Tab and Q
* Battery charging indicator
* Estimated 3 month duration with a 3000 mAh battery
* Battery not included
* alps switches supportingPrice:

* Basic kit: 275USD/pc for default case colors (including case, alu plate, PCB and brass badge if you choose HHKB like layout)
* Special colors: +16USD
* Upgrade to Bluetooth PCB: +25USD
* Extra default PCB: 27USD
* Extra BT PCB: 50USD
* Extra alu plate: 22USD
* Extra brass plate: 28.5USD (sorry for raising, it was too cheap for last round :-[ )
* Extra alu alps plate: 24USD
* Extra Titanium badge: 26USD
* Shipping fee: 45USD for all locations, DHL Express
* Transaction fee (sorry for raising a little bit higher for remaining the price to be the same as last round)
* Both fees are already calculated and included in all pricesDownload CA66 files here:


* GB period: Aug 17th to Sep 5th
* Estimated shipping date: Dec 10th
* No quantity limitOrder here!:

* Get full kit here:
* Get extra parts here (available for purchasing individually):
(please choose DHL Express for shipping if you are purchasing extra parts individually)

Approved :)

Finally!  BTW it shows as sold out but I'm going to assume it's still being set up.

Perhaps add clarification that at least at this time the BT PCB only supports TMK?

So excited! As soon as the site allows me to, I will put my order in!


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