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I will be kickstarting this classic again as my past two projects, TaiChi and Nebula ver.S, are completed. 
There will be new improvements based on the feedback I have received.

General information and price of the keyboard. Prices excludes shipping and PayPal fees:

TKL Keyboard USD 590
1. Case will be top mounted, 6063 aluminum - t5 (top and bottom casing)
2. Brass weight - Sandblasted
3. Typing angle at 7-8 degrees
4. Silver aluminium universal switch plate
5. QMK PCB - USB C daughterboard (Via ready)
6. Keyboard box
7. Colours - Aluminium anodizing (Please refer to the colour combos below)

Weight of unbuild keyboard plus PCB is approximately 4.3kg. Do note shipping will be considerably more versus Nebula since this is a hefty board.

Additional parts:
1. PCB USD 40
2. Brass switch plate - Sandblasted USD 35
3. Brass stripes - Sandblasted USD 20

Colour options:
1. Silver Top + Silver Bottom + Brass Stripes (+10 USD more for the stripes upgrade)
2. Carbon Top + Carbon Bottom + Brass Stripes (+10 USD more for the stripes upgrade)

3. Silver Top + Cyan Bottom + Cyan Stripes
4. Silver Top + Lavender Bottom + Lavender Stripes
5. Carbon Top + Orange Bottom + Orange Stripes
6. Grey Top + Red Bottom + Red Stripes

Order form:
Raffle results will be announced by 7 Nov 2020 or earlier.

Invoices will be billed in Singapore Dollars (SGD, based on bank rates as of 1 Nov 2020).

GB will start now and end 07 Nov 2020 (or when 100 units are ordered). Limited to 100 orders based on raffle results.
Delivery - given the uncertainty and how screwed up the world is, I set a buffer period of 6 - 8 months after initial down payment to the manufacturer (targeted 15 Nov 2020).
In the event it is completed early, it will be shipped out immediately once shipping invoice is paid for.

Feel free to contact me here or via discord at Okonomiyaki#2832

Current numbers: 200/200. Heartfelt thanks to all that supported.


1. Added 4 pad cut outs on the bottom.
2. Changed the moon logo to the one used in China round 1 group buy.
3. PCB undergoing design changes, connection of daughter board will be via JST SH connectors.
4. PCB changed to USB C.
5. Cable route recess on bottom case.

Sharing some of the renders.

Top view:

Back view (do note the brass logo will the same as the picture below):

Exploded view:

New PCB:


Cable routing for JST SH connector:

Moon v1 pictures for cross reference:

Carbon + Orange with Brass stripes:

Silver + Green with Green stripes (not offered this time):

Grey + Red with Red stripes

Silver + Silver with Brass stripes:

General FAQ:
1. Pricing of the keyboard has been updated accordingly to the quote from the manufacturer. Since anodization is done by a new setup in-house (same as Nebula) it is costlier.
2. Non-transferring of spots. I will not entertain any transfer of spots due to the rampant flipping of spots in this hobby.
3. 50/100 slots will be given automatically to past supporters of my projects as well as my friends. The remaining 50 will be via raffling.
4. I will be updating all progress here and in my discord.
5. Feel free to contact me in discord.

Do note that shipping to USA will be approximately USD 60, Canada around USD 80. Rest of Asia / World will be advised.
I will invoice the exact shipping cost when I am ready for shipment.
Do note this is just a ballpark amount. Prices will be updated when it is ready to be shipped.

Billing and invoicing:
1. I am collecting in SGD as PayPal imposed an additional surcharge of 3% for checking out payments to US bank accounts (offshore for me)..


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