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--- Quote from: SBJ on Tue, 10 January 2023, 07:37:57 ---This doesn't use Omron switches.
Not necessarily a Logitech problem but when it happens more than once I don't want to bother trying again.

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Few companies use anything other than Omron, severely limiting your mouse options.

More importantly though, pretty much all of them are using an Omron D2F clone.
It's not that Omron can't build a good switch it's that the switch design is prone to double click as the spring gets weak (only needs a fall to go bad). More importantly, it has more and more problems as you move outside the operating range, which pretty much every mouse exceeded over a decade ago and is getting worse. The switch wasn't designed for mice and it certainly wasn't designed for the voltages and amperages we now use in mice, too little and it won't properly close and will bounce, hence double clicking, and it will not self clean as it was meant to do leading to more bounce.

The switch (and the clones) needs a complete redesign to fix the issue or change to an entirely different switch design and since the D2f shape and type is in pretty much every quality mouse you aren't going to avoid it. You may have a little better luck but if I'm buying something prone to failure (which these switches certainly are) I'd rather deal with a company that stands behind the product as Logitech does. even if they typically die just beyond warranty.

--- Quote from: Darthbaggins on Tue, 10 January 2023, 08:06:20 ---EndGame gear make excellent mice - if the XM1 was wireless I would have chosen that over the GPxSL, so far zero issues with scroll and main clicks - this seems to have been an issue with the batches of Omron's they sourced for the earlier GPro models too.

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They're using "pre-sorted" Kailh.
Why are they sorting them? The fact that they're sorting tells me there's inconsistencies somewhere.

See what I wrote above.

Guess this is the reason we are starting to see companies move to an optical switch (Razer has been one to do that with their mice).

Their budget options are ok, but I wouldn't pay for anything Razer over 30 pounds with all the other options.


--- Quote from: Darthbaggins on Wed, 11 January 2023, 08:35:13 ---Guess this is the reason we are starting to see companies move to an optical switch (Razer has been one to do that with their mice).

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It will take a while for the industry to switch and that's under the best conditions, and their willingness.
Think back to how long USB-C took to replace mini and micro B, Logitech still has Micro B on some older designs and that was actually an easier change to make than changing to optical switches will be.

I expect to see lost of heel dragging and slandering of them prior to widespread adoption (from enthusiasts and corporate) and that's if they're actually good.

imo the optical based mouse switches don't carry the same feel that the standard higher quality switches do, but that is from my personal experience and others might not notice.  Only thing I can praise Razer for is their implementation of lighting and some of their designs - other than that, their products dont last compared to Zowie/BenQ, Logitech, or Endgame Gear.


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