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[IC] Boomerang - 8-degree split 60XT - UPDATE

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8-degree split 60XT




I always loved the FLX virgo but I knew I would not use the nav cluster if I got one, so I decided to make my own version of the layout. That is it. No introduction or drawn-out inspiration. I wanted something so I made it. If you also like what you see, then well fill in the IC. If you don't, thanks for reading this.


* Materials: Copper weight, aluminum top/bottom
* Dedicated ANSI/ISO plates. Ansi shown below.
* Hot-swap and solder PCBs
* Typing angle: 6.5 degrees
* Split angle: 8 degrees
* Front height: ~18.1 adjusted at lowest point.
* Weight: ~2.4 kg built
* 2 mm diameter o-ring
* M3x10 front screws, M3x20 back screws
* Fly DB, MOLEX-MOLEX. No daughterboard cutout on bottom of case
* Through-weight design
* Mounting: o-ring wraps around the plate tabs, like F1 but self-aligning.
Assembly to be shown in detail when prototype arrives. In a nutshell the oring wraps around the plate tabs, like F1 but self-aligning.


I have made 4 prototypes:

* Fully F1 oring mount: Did not like it, assembly was horrible and it just did not work well.
* Partial oring with screw underneath: It worked and was good but it was hard to show how much to tighten screw, so option 4 was made
* Top mount: I went a bit crazy and made a top-mount version: It is amazing but in the end I made option 4
* Fully F1 oring mount, fully wrapping: I made another board with this exact same mount and the experience was perfect, so I took the exact dimensions and translated them here. That is it.

In the photo below, the blue highlighted area are the alignment and force-break orings. To be clear the force break aspect is an added bonus, not to fix any ping, there is no ping whatsoever. The only reason for the orings is to align the top-bottom cases without using pins or metal alignment tabs. I want as little metal-metal contact.


The way the board is mounted is super simple. You take the oring, slot it into the cutouts on the tabs and you place it on top of the board. Because of how the board is designed this is self-aligning, meaning the plate will always be in the correct position. I will explain this when the prototype arrives, but you can see how in the up-down direction the oring is constrained by the plate and then once again by the channel underneath, so it cannot move up-down out of alignment. Side-side same thing, the oring has nowhere to go and will always stay in the channel.

Additionally, those with a keen eye can see that the leaf spring is shifted to the outside of the tab. This is because the inside of the tab is supported by the adjacent tab, but the extremes of the tabs (left and right bezels basically) those are supported only by 1 tab, so you have to make them stiffer for the board to feel homogeneous throughout.


For those who did not pay attention and said that the wrist rest made out of aluminum is pointless, please refer to the silver render. While the wrist rest is indeed made out of aluminum, I added rubber stoppers to avoid metal on metal contact. I have added the render where this is shown below for reference:


I have tested this and due to the geometry of the bottom, with 2 feet, one on either side there is zero metal contact. However, due to popular demand I have also quoted PC for those who rather get that instead.


Powder-coated beige



Anodized Dark Green



Powder-coated Meteorite Gray


Anodized Silver


Anodized Purple









* Units will be announced soon
* Sale will be in-stock. Projected Q1 2024
* MSRP of $350, aluminum wrist rest will be $60
* Colors will be: Raw, anodized green purple and silver, powder coated beige, meteorite gray. Please see renders above.
* Vendor information to be disclosed in the near future.

My Discord server:

Most updates will be posted on my server as well as Geekhack.


This project would not have been possible without the members of my discord server. Thank you!!
Manu, who helped me with every step of the way! Gracias puto
Special thanks to Chonk, for supporting me blindly; Peppy for putting up with my bull**** and Manu for yelling at me here and there.
And obviously Zetina, for the amazing renders.
Lastly Baul, Lento and Peppy for helping me clean up the bottom row and yelling at me to fix the horrible initial one. You guys rock

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Update log:


- Added Alps support to pcb.
- Included information about possible Topre kit offered. Confirmation on this to come soon.


- prototype has completed CNC/QC and is shipping to me this week.
- PCB is ready and being ordered this week. Expected to be delivered in 2 weeks.
- Once prototype arrives I will take pictures/make video of assembly.


-Prototype has shipped, PCB ordered.
-Other components: Different o-rings arrived, geon feet arrived. Prototype pictures look fantastic.


-Finalized design
-Thread has been updated with relevant information

oh yeah this is it

Banger after banger

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