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This is SoSo – it’s been a while!
When I first designed this board, I only wanted to create a model to render keycaps on. What I did not expect, when I published the renders, was the community’s interest in this board. Thanks to this, and thanks to the support of my Discord and QQ groups, I now decide to turn this into reality.
Without further ado, I introduce my first board – Violetta.
Contact us(Discord server)
Design Philosophy
Violetta’s layout is reached by deducting keys from the typical 80% layout. Compared to conventional FRL 70%s,Violetta specifically splits out row 1, retaining the distinct F-row layout, in order to achieve visual balance.

Violetta is designed with recognizability from all angles in mind. It should be easily distinguishable and recognized, even from side view.

The board employs a symmetrical cable design, so that users can assemble the board according to their own preference. In order to provide room for the complex weight design, the USB-C port is placed at the side of the board.

Violetta’s front decorative strip, which includes an LED strip, incorporates the same design expression as its side.

Keyboard Specifications
Layout: ≥70%
Mount: Top
Angle: 8°
Front height: 19mm
Material: 6063 aluminum, Stainless steel
Finish: Anodized aluminum/e-coating/PVD
Manufactured by SOUTH CHINA HONGTU
PCB designed by

Violetta employs the classic top mount style in order to achieve a crisp typing experience.
Violetta comes in 3 different layouts – WK, WKL and HHKB. Solder PCB will also support ISO layouts and split right shift key.

Same as typical HHKBs, R2 backspace is supported. Depending on the user’s preference, F-row may be used to house either the F-keys or the number keys.



Metal with PBTfans Lucy


The following colour schemes exist in render only, and are purely for your reference
Starry – NFS

Macflurry - NFS with DMK NO REDRAWCAD by INKY Studio

EVA-01 - NFS with GMK Mecha-01

Rim - NFS with PBTfans Rim

Shirasagi - NFS with WS Shirasagi
Wuque Studio Shirasagi is coming soon.

Starting from USD 349, depending on surface treatment and material of the weight.

Renders may differ from the actual product – in case of discrepancy, please refer to the actual product.
Available colours in this post may differ from the actual GB. Please refer to the GB post (when published) for the final available colours.
*Renders of white Violetta in this IC post are renders of spray paint white. Renders of e-coated white Violetta will be updated later.
Contact Us
NextDoorLab Discord server:
Australia and New Zealand
South America
translated by keepo

For updating



--- Quote from: dededecline on Sat, 04 March 2023, 14:06:07 ---Protos?

--- End quote ---
Samples will be produced within two months. :)

Very interesting layout, and I love the aesthetic. Can't wait to hear a proto sound test, GLIC!


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