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[IC] KBM Civilizations - Doubleshot ABS w/ Black or White Base

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KBM Civilizations
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"Just as it has always been, when our memories of the ancient
 world fade into twilight, a new era dawns to fill the void." -- Sid Meier's Civilization 5

Civilizations is back -- in black! I'm excited to be bringing Civilizations (previously GMK Civilizations) back to the community through KBM and their new double shot ABS keycaps.  This run around we're aiming for significantly faster production times, two colorways, a lower price, more accessible kitting, some awesome new deskmats, and an in stock sale rather than group buy model.

Each base kit is designed to provide as much support as possible while prioritizing keeping production (and final sale) costs relatively low.
The base kit includes support for common 40% layouts, alice boards, 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, 1800, and 108 key layouts, as well as including novelties -- no need to purchase a separate kit!
There is currently a render error with a duplicated pipe key replacing the K key in both base kits, I'll be updating these renders as soon as possible.

Classical Kit

The colors in this are matches to GMK Civilizations, which is to say the white is GMK WS1 and gold is RAL 1024. These colors were chosen specifically to match e-white finishes and brass accents on most boards, but of course can go with just about anything! The white and gold are designed to evoke majestic images of historical civilizations and their wonderous achievements.

Dark Ages Kit

The same as the Classical Kit, but in black! Featuring the same gold and GMK CR for black, this colorway is one I was disappointed to not be able to feature the first run and the primary reason I'm excited to bring this set back. Whereas the Classical kit invokes images of grandeur and might, the Dark Ages kit brings a more foreboding presence to the table, telling tales of Civilizations past in their darkest hours -- though their monuments still stand...

Classical Kit

MoreDalco 959 Mini

TKC Portico

Rotor by Densus

Dark Ages Kit

MoreAmano by H40

Saka 68

Vulkan Maja

Phoenix - Cable Car

Meander White                                                                                                               Meander Black                                                                                                                World Map   

Metal Artisans
KBM will be producing 4 different high quality metal artisans to go along with this set.
Great Wall Enter (Satin finish Brass with Black or White Infill)

Parthenon 1u Esc (Satin finish Brass with Black or White Infill)

I'm excited to be partnering with Space Cables again to bring back some coiled aviator cables to pair with the set! The cable will be available in both white and black with a gold cerakoted aviator connector that matches the set. These will be sold independently by Space Cables as an in stock sale for ~$50.
I'm open to other options for collaboration, please feel free to reach out if you have an idea!

Timeline, Vendors, and Pricing
There are still several major steps yet to finalize this project -- KBM and I are currently in talks with several different vendors and looking for more. By nature of being an in stock sale rather than a group buy, it is likely that we will need more than one vendor for some of the larger regions to help with liquidity issues. If you are a vendor and are interested in helping fulfill this set, please let me know!

KBM and I have been working hard to keep this project moving, and we are hoping to have vendors onboarded and an order placed with the factory by the end of 2023, with fulfillment in late Q1 /early Q2 2024

Prices are far from final and will likely fluctuate a little depending on factors like production costs, shipping costs, and localized vendor expenses. That being said, we are aiming to keep each base kit at or around $100. If we're able to achieve this price point, we'll be happy to be providing a large double shot base kit at a relatively low price.

Estimates for metal artisan caps are ~$35 for 1u caps and ~$50 for enter keys.

Deskmats will be priced around $25 each.

Interest Check Form
Please take a few minutes to fill out this form!
The more accurate of an estimate we can get for how many of each product to produce, the more affordably we can price them. Responding to the form also makes it more likely that you will get a set in the in stock sale, since it won't be unlimited and we will be basing production numbers off of community interest.

Please feel free to leave any and all feedback or questions in the comments and I'll respond as soon as I'm able!
I'm also sure I made some formatting or speeling mistakes, or simply forgot to add something important to this post, please feel free to let me know about that kind of thing as well.
has kbm delivered anything?
do you have any photos of sets that used the molds you'll be using so we can see the legends?

I'm really curious about this set. sample pics would be really interesting

It seems you may have forgotten the most popular 40% layout (minivan/jetvan). The most common uses a row 2 1.75u backspace, row 3 1.25u tab and row 3 1.5u enter. Sometimes kits that support Minivan will also include a row 2 escape but that's also less common.

It looks like you've already got a row 2 escape, row 3 1.25u tab, and row 3 1.5u enter though, so all that would be missing is the 1.75u row 2 backspace.

If you include that, I'm definitely interested!


--- Quote from: DirtyGingy on Wed, 25 October 2023, 19:47:46 ---I'm really curious about this set. sample pics would be really interesting

--- End quote ---

As a disclaimer, there was a miscommunication and these samples are ABS. We're working on getting PBT samples right now, but AFAIK it should be the same molds.

--- Quote from: on Wed, 25 October 2023, 19:10:46 ---has kbm delivered anything?
do you have any photos of sets that used the molds you'll be using so we can see the legends?

--- End quote ---

KBM has delivered MV Terminal and KBM Love Detective. No sets have used the molds yet as this is KBMs first double shot set, but you can see the sample photos above. I'm happy with first impressions of their quality based on the sample photos, but will obviously wait to make final judgements until I have samples in my hands.


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