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Geim65 - Circle - Triangle - Square

The Geim65 is our premiere Keyboard, complementing our Jacket line of switches.

We made a bunch of switches we are really proud of, inspired by the Squid Games series and now we are wanting to try and make a unique keyboard. We wanted something that was easy to build, had an interesting style, and unique mounting methods that were bouncy and sounds amazing. After working to refine a design for months we have some prototypes that we are happy with and now we are going to run an in-stock sale.

We’ve implemented the following QOL features: force-break gaskets, a ball latch for ease of use,
a unique waffle weight for improved acoustics, three mounting methods, and our proprietary bowl-like isolation gasket for a modified bottom/pin mount experience and additional force breaking.

The Geim65 is a tri-mount leaf-spring 65% keyboard you won't want to miss!

IC Form can be found here

There will be 50 units in stock that should be available between March and May 2024.
If we get enough interest, we would love to do a larger run to help cut costs. We would love to aim for the $200-$300 range.
Check out our photo dump:
Real photos will be added shortly, as we have a green and red sample in hand.
Tentative Pricing: ~$400 per kit

Geim65 Keyboard Features:
* Layout: 65%
* Mounting Styles:
- Gasket - Silicone Socks
- Pin/Bottom - Utilizing a proprietary bowl-like isolation gasket reduces reverberation and provides a unique experience.
- O-Ring
* Case Options:
- Case: Aluminum
- Black - Anodized
- Dark Red - Anodized
- Dark Green - Anodized
* PCB: Hotswap, 1.6mm, Non-Flex-cut, USB-C S1 Unified Daughterboard
* Plate Options:
- Non-Leaf Spring Polypropylene
- Leaf Spring Aluminum
- Leaf Spring Carbon Fiber
- FR-4 Half Plate
* Inside Weight Options:
- Brass - Sandblasted
* Outside Accent/Weight Options:
- Brass - Sandblasted
- Stainless Steel (304) - Mirror Polish
* QMK Firmware and VIA Support
* 19.8mm Front Height
* 6.8° Typing Angle
* Dimensions: TBD
* Manufacturer: Sinorise

Top mount has been removed due to it not being compatible with the ball latch system.
More photos and the latest updates are available on our Discord server.

Hotswap PCB Layout:

Solder PCB Layout:

Kits Include:
* Aluminum Top and Bottom Case
* Solder or Hotswap PCB
* 1 USB-C S1 Unified Daughterboard
* 1 Internal Brass Weight
* Set of Ball Latches Pre-Installed
* 1 of each External Accent/Weight
* 1 Set of Silicone Top-Mount Bowls
* 3 Additional Silicone Bowls for Force Breaking
* 4 Force Break Pads (PORON)
* 1 Set of Silicone Socks
* 1 Set of Feet
* Optional Choice of O-Ring (3 Sizes)

Please check our website for all the available options:
EDIT: We are waiting on the fourth sample unit (the third from Sinorise). I want to experiment with how having 8 total gasket tabs would compare to how it is now, increase some of the tolerances in the gasket areas, and add additional forcebreaks between the case and weight/accent pieces.

Return of the king -- I'm definitely getting this as soon as it launches. Good stuff.

Huh, I think this is the first time I've seen a board with ball-latch and a cherry lip. What's the front height?


--- Quote from: bizzlesticks on Sat, 06 January 2024, 13:02:40 ---Huh, I think this is the first time I've seen a board with ball-latch and a cherry lip. What's the front height?

--- End quote ---
Hey, it has a 19.8mm front height. Had to increase the front height to adjust for it.

--- Quote from: NiceJim on Sat, 06 January 2024, 12:25:20 ---Return of the king -- I'm definitely getting this as soon as it launches. Good stuff.

--- End quote ---
Thanks my man!

yoooooo squid game keyboard



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