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[IC] Epoch 87 keyboard kit|Retro style [GB started]

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Epoch 87

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Why the retro style?

We live in a fast-paced world of ever-advancing technology, but sometimes, we need to pause and reflect on the past. We believe that a keyboard is not just an input device but a work of art. We believe that compared to modern mechanical keyboards, retro-style keyboards clearly have a more unique appearance and tactile sensation. Whether for viewing or use, they can provide a better overall user experience.




● Units TBD
● Sale type TBD depending on interest
● Vendor information to be disclosed in the future.
Material: Full CNC 6063 aluminum
Structure: PCB Gasket and top mount
Keyboard Layout: 87% with hot-swappable compatibility
Shell: Aluminum
Bottom Weight: Copper
QMK/VIA support
Welcome to our Discord:
Welcome to our Mainsite:

Is that bar above the F-row a screen?

Love what I assume is the top display on the keeb. My only suggestion is there is a true white or black color option alongside the Blue and offwhite. Now if it came in green like the Jelly Evolv that would be even better but I know that green is a "niche" color.

I find this interesting. Though, ould be good to get more pics and an exploded diagram. Also would you be offering F12 and WKL versions?


--- Quote from: spambox2312 on Fri, 29 March 2024, 07:19:42 ---Is that bar above the F-row a screen?

--- End quote ---
The screen is on the right side of that bar


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