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Welcome to Interest Check subforum [IC].  Please feel free to start your interest check threads here.  There are a couple of rules for this particular forum:

* Please put the prefix [IC] in front of your thread
* Once you started a group buy, please remember to close/lock the IC thread and put a re-direct link on the last page of that thread (so that way, members can just follow it to place their orders)
* Please check for any duplicate thread/idea before starting a new one (PM any moderator on duty if you're not sure)
* Same rules still apply so please familiarize yourself with this thread first before stepping in
Thanks and good luck with all your Interest Checks!  :)

Effective immediately, all IC's that are posted which are intended to be ran via Massdrop are not allowed to be posted in the IC sub-forum.  This includes topics that contain links to vote for a keyset or item through Massdrop.  These topics should be made in the Massdrop sub-forum.  Topics that are made in the IC sub-forum will be moved to the Massdrop sub-forum.

Please use the report feature to let the mod team know of any topics that fit the above rule.  We are seeing more and more 'hype' topics being made in the IC sub-forum that take little to no feedback from members.  That isn't the purpose of this sub-forum, nor the site.  Massdrop has its own discussion medium that can be used to this end.

This decision comes from the entire moderation team and there will be no exceptions to the rule.

As the community has continued to evolve, hype "IC" threads have become more and more pervasive in the Interest Check subforum. These sorts of threads are also not exclusive to Drop-run group buys anymore. As such, the previous rule addition requiring all Drop-run ICs to be posted to the Drop subforum is rescinded.

There are additional changes coming which will separate ICs that are actively taking feedback from hype "pre-GB" IC threads.


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