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the market dropped 777 points today

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--- Quote from: fkeidjn;9250 ---I noticed that the dollar is slightly getting an edge too (finally...), and maybe soon will be the time that I can get my hands on a Realforce :p
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Actually the realforce might become dearer since the USD to asian currency is worse. But buckling springs should get cheaper


--- Quote from: xsphat;9237 ---Don't be fooled by the points. The number was only that large because of inflation. If you look at the percentage it dropped, there have been way larger drops in history. This drop was roughly 7%. Compare that to 1914 23% drop. That was a catastrophy. This is not ... yet.
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Aw, you are just being sensible. Me I like media caused problems like the gasoline shortages here in the southeast. "The sky is falling" is great for ratings. The '87 crash, caused by automatic computer generated sells, was fun too. Knocked the economy on its butt for a year. The year yours truely was trying to make it in commision sales, I aways did have great timing. What worries me is that our fearless leaders have managed to cause a recession at the peak of the economic cycle. I think that is some kind of record for ineptness.

You are very wise sir. So you most likely know the stocks fell so hard because the international paper market had a hiccup for one day which caused the banks to lose a little money, therefore they tightened up and would grant flash loans to businesses which caused the banks to "break the buck" (lose money on interest). That I think is hilarious, but I'm not laughing because I still live here.


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