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the market dropped 777 points today

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It all depends on what happens next, but even if it does crash and burn, that won't even hit us for a decade. The secret is save. If you have savings, you'll only hurt the market more if you withdraw now. Long term investments survive this sort of a thing as long we don't get "more of the same" for our next dictator.


This is great news.  Prices are affordable again!  

Maybe this will stimulate the US to actually become a producer nation once more.

Subprime mortgages are a result of the Community Reinvestment Act.  Look it up.
Dems told the banks that they're racist and it's discrimination not to give minorities home loans just because they have no money, poor credit history, and no income.  
So big surprise... they made a whole lotta loans that were never going to be repaid.


--- Quote ---This is great news. Prices are affordable again!
--- End quote ---

I noticed that the dollar is slightly getting an edge too (finally...), and maybe soon will be the time that I can get my hands on a Realforce :p

We need to get the F out of this stupid war. Then the economy of the entire world will benefit.


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