Author Topic: Find Reddit/Geekhack user that review keyboard kit  (Read 1708 times)

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Find Reddit/Geekhack user that review keyboard kit
« on: Fri, 27 August 2021, 06:16:37 »

My friend and I were so interested in custom keyboards that we started a separate department in our company.

-Now we have found a 61-key Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard Kit that We think it is a great dive into the world of DIY keyboards. Our company original focus was to be a global gaming peripheral company, providing affordable, high-performing products for gamers.

-We would like to have enthusiasts who can review the keyboard and give us enough input. We are a small team at its inception; therefore, we hope to receive your support, and sincere suggestions are welcome.

We always appreciate the opinions of top users. Do you know if any geekhack or reddit people do that?