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TE Alternate Layouts
« on: Sun, 25 August 2013, 16:47:22 »
Now that we have Yuri's/TE web tool for alternate mappings this is just a thread to discuss different layouts.

The TE's only problem is that it kind of has too many keys, which leads to redundancy which I don't like. As much as possible I made a layout with just the keys I use and minimal redundancy. I use Windows, Linux and OS X interchangeably, and I don't use a keypad (especially the somewhat goofy imbedded TE keypad), so I took that over. Here's my design, with attached maps and the firmware.

  • Primary is Win/Linux and Alt is Mac (as usual)
  • I like function keys and rarely use media keys, except volume control occasionally. And I miss the days when 24 Function key keyboards were available. So I put F13-F24 on the Fn key overlay for both Main and Alt
  • On the Mac firmware I kept just the media keys I use, play/pause and volume on the Fn layer
  • The Num Lock has been taken over to be the OTHER mapping. That is, if in Main layout (DIP 2 set to 0) then the other is the Mac layout. If in Alternate layout then the lock gives you the Windows layout. This is useful as I will remote log into one operating system from the other and use virtualization, so it's nice to be able to easily switch the keyboard
  • Inclusion of the Apps key in Main
  • The center Del key has gone to 0x53 (or 53h per setting up the firmware) which is keyboard num lock/clear in Alternate (OS X). This is the "Clear" key you see on the keypad on the Apple extended keyboard, which has an interesting function which is to clear the selection. If there is no selection it does nothing. Not super useful (delete forward or back does the same thing) but it is different from the other two delete keys on the keyboard.
  • Main-left space bar is Control
  • Alternate-left space bar is Command

Enjoy and share your tips
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