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Madison, WI Meetup (7/22/2023)


We've been announcing the mini meetup in several Discord servers, but not really on geekhack... but I guess it's not a real keyboard meetup without announcing it here!

Date: Saturday, July 22nd, 2023
Location: Old Madison Room (3rd floor), Memorial Union
Cost: Free
Registration tickets: Eventbrite

We secured a place and thanks to the Wisconsin Union that the space was free of charge due to the public nature of our meetup.
However, this means heightened awareness of your belongings and security will be much appreciated and it is best to look for each others' belongings.
We have some several things to giveaway, so do register in Eventbrite!
I'm trying to document how many people showed up so despite the free event, your registration will be much appreciated (also just in case we actually have more people than the limit...)

We have our meetup details in too!

Our discord server: Madison Mech Mania

I'm glad that we have many keyboard enthusiasts around the town and our community had grown bigger over the past year, and the meetup will not happen without the tremendous support from the community.

This is my first time hosting a meetup so any feedback, comments, and help would be much appreciated and hopefully everything goes well!!


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