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HHKB/Poker style ghetto salvage board - My first DIY KB

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very very nice! good style! :clap2:

make me one and then sell it to me thanks in advance!


That's pretty cool. I don't like the layout but that's just my opinion. Wish I could do that.

Thanks for the compliments everybody :D

--- Quote from: chel-;539106 ---That's pretty cool. I don't like the layout but that's just my opinion. Wish I could do that.
--- End quote ---

And that's the brilliant part; I do! That is the great thing about building something for yourself!

Layout-wise i only had a couple boxes to tick compared to the layout on my 6Gv2, first of all i cannot stand that button between the shift and the question mark.... i keep making a mess of every time i have to use that so for this build i made sure the shift and ? were nice and snug close together. Then total size was a big issue as i really wanted something small and i think 14 keys width is as close as you can get whilst still having a functional board (most compact boards i have seen in fact are 15). As for the choice in enter key..... i never got the whole idea of ANY button thats two rows high (well, maybe except for the enter on a num-pad that i can slap with my right thumb like a bass guitar). 1.25 enter key however would have been too small so i went for a 2.25 size there. I might swap the two keys above the enter one of these days but for the time being that just a bit too much of a hassle just for aesthetic purposes as its just working peachy.

That double 1x1 right shift does take some getting used to tho..... everytime i land my little pinky a bit in between the two im like WTF? But it still beats ending every question with `|/\?` or any combination thereof LOL


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