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Cherry MX "Ghetto Greens"

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Cherry MX "Ghetto Greens" have been gaining in popularity recently for a couple reasons:

[*]They are basically a springier, heavier version of Cherry Blues
[*]They are much cheaper than purchasing "standard" Cherry Green switches

To get "Ghetto Greens" you will need the following:
[*]Cherry MX Blue stems
[*]Cherry MX Black springs

You can usually find these fairly cheap through fellow Geekhackers in the Classifieds.

I first discovered "Ghetto Greens" when I installed both "standard" green switches alongside "ghetto greens" in my NEO KB-87 keyboard. I found that the switches felt exactly the same and discovered that both the stems and springs were idential (aside from the color difference of the stems):

Ghetto Greens in action:

On a PCB-mounted switch keyboard, this mod is very easy to accomplish. On plate-mounted, it will be more difficult because you will need to de-solder all the switches from the plate and then solder the modded switches back in.

How does it feel? Well, like this:

But seriously, the feel of these switches is basically like a stronger/heavier Cherry blue. They are considered "manly" switches. If you are looking for a heavier blue, or even a Cherry switch that feels closer to a buckling spring, you might like this switch.

[H=2]For more information[/H]
Please see the "Mods" section of the Cherry MX wiki.

Nice :thumbup:

I tried it a month ago, and ended up going in the opposite direction for curiosity's sake -- I got a bag of springs and black sliders from Bini and ended up putting the black sliders on the blue springs that were already in my Poker. I don't think I can go back from ghetto reds now!

You're welcome...been meaning to write this up for a while now.

Hopefully will get it on soon!

i also highly recommend clear springs for those who are truly manly.


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